Hi, Kids!

Today I’ve got to tell you about the slums.

Jaymes took me to the highest point in CBC so we could get a good look at the houses around us. They are different from our houses because ours are all spaced out and here in Brazil they are all squashed together. The houses are built with small orange bricks and the walls don’t look very straight. Inside the houses there are only one or two rooms and instead of having a bed the children sleep in a hammock. There are no windows; instead, they have shutters that open and close. It must be very dark inside those houses with no windows.

The streets are very narrow. Some of them are so narrow that you cannot drive down them and you have to walk instead. The roads are also bumpy and they have really smelly water running across them.  There are also lots of people who shout and play loud music.

Kids, when I saw all this it made me cry. It’s not fair that my new friends here in Brazil don’t have nice houses to live in. I wouldn’t like to live here, it would be so hard to play or find somewhere that was quiet like my own bedroom to do my homework.

I wanted to tell the children about how nice our houses are and how much space we have but it didn’t seem to be the right thing to do. In fact, I felt kind of bad that we have so much.

Tonight I asked God what he thinks about how we live in America and how the kids live here in Brazil. I just want to know what He thinks about it all. I bet it makes Him sad, too.