Hey, Heartland Kids!

Today was our fourth day in Brazil, I’m a bit tired because we’ve been working really hard, but I’m not as homesick as I was yesterday.

We are really busy working on the gym. Denzel is teaching Mr. Barton to weld. He has a special machine and a special mask that he puts on his head to protect his eyes.

I have responsibility for getting the toys out at recess to play with the children. They love jump rope and soccer soooooooo much.

I’m making some good friends. Some of the children have names like ours (they are the easiest to remember): there is a boy called Alan and a girl called Jennifer. Other names are harder and I have to write them down: Leticia is another girl and Renato is a boy.

The children here are just like us but their lives are very different because their schools only last for half a day and then they have to go home. Sometimes they don’t even have school because the teachers aren’t there and the classrooms are locked. That doesn’t seem right to me because all kids need to learn every day so that when we grow up we can get jobs.

In Brazil there are lots of people but things don’t work as smoothly as in America because people don’t know as much as we do. Maybe it’s because they don’t have enough school. CBC is really important for them because without it these students wouldn’t have anywhere to properly learn.

Anyway, I hope that here my new friends can learn everything they need to so that one day they can do the jobs they want to do. Alan wants to be a policeman, and Leticia says she wants to be a teacher.

Tonight we went out to a Brazilian restaurant for some special food called Tapioca. It’s not like our tapioca pudding, It’s like a white powder that sticks together to make a thin pancake. Then you fill it with beef or chicken and roll it up. It tastes kind of chewy but you get used to it and the fillings are good. My best one was when it was filled with chocolate and banana. All I can say about that is yum yum!

I wonder if the children here at CBC get to go out for tapioca very often?