Hey kids, it’s Moose here again.

Today I’m going to show you around the CBC project. Here’s a picture of me in bed this morning. Can you see my mosquito net?



Today is a school day and at 8.00am the children come into the program. This is the front gate, and as soon as you go from the street through the gate you can feel a big difference. On the street outside, everything is brown and dirty but inside CBC everything is green and colorful. The children really love coming here.


Inside CBC there is a windmill that pumps water from a well and a bridge which goes over a little pond with lots of fish in it. There are lots of big trees too. When the children arrive, the first thing they do is run to their classroom and mark their place in line with their backpacks or flip flops. Everyone has flip flops here but they don’t wear them when they go and play. They love to run really fast and play tag and soccer.

When the siren goes, the children run to their classrooms.

There are six classrooms in this building which has green, yellow, red, and blue columns.

This morning I went to computer class with some students in 5th grade. They were playing “Worm” and learning to use the arrow control on the keyboard. It was quite hard for them and it didn’t look like they were very used to using computers. Ruth told me that they don’t have computers or video games at home like we do.

At break time, the children go to the refectory for some hot food.

Silvia is the cook and she has lots of really big pots and pans. I helped her to prepare some food and then we served it up through the hatch for the children to eat.

Everyone is very friendly but they don’t speak in English. They speak Portuguese which sounds really funny. I know that they like me though because everyone in Brazil wants to give me a hug or take my hoof so that I get up to play with them. The boys like to play soccer on the field with James and Jaymes, and the girls like to play chase (They like chasing Mr. Williams!).

The children go back to class after break. They go home at lunchtime because in the afternoon they have to go to their regular school. All the children who went to regular school in the morning come here in the afternoon instead.

Today Cali gave me a Bible verse and I learned that a missionary like me needs to be faithful every day. Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2. That means that we need to be thoughtful, not just in the words that we say but in all the things that we are asked to do, even if we don’t feel like doing them. While I am here, I need to show God’s love to the children by helping wherever I can, even if it means giving something up. There are lots of children here who are really special. It feels good to know that we can help take care of them.

I think I will make some friends here, if only I could speak their language!