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Moose’s Diary: Day 3 (Tuesday)

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Hey Heartland Kids, Bon gee ah!

That means Good Morning in Portuguese! Sorry, Mrs. White,  I don’t know how to write it properly yet but that’s the way it sounds when the people here say it. I miss you all very much. I’ve been so busy learning about CBC that I’ve hardly thought about Heartland but today I woke up missing home. I wanted a warm shower and a Pop Tart for breakfast, and I really miss my mom and dad and my sister Mooshelly.

When I saw Marc, he was smiling and he said ‘Bon gee ah’ to me with a big smile on his face. I told him that I was sad and I missed home and he said, “Moose, the Joy of the Lord is your Strength!”  He also said that for missionaries like me it is always hard at first to be a long way from home and in a different culture. However, if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and the things he is calling us to do, he will give us joy in our hearts and that will make us strong, even when we are homesick.

In our devotion time I prayed really hard that God would give me lots of joy and that I would be smiley all day just like Marc. As soon as the children came running in to greet us I was already feeling better. They picked me up (again!) and gave me a big hug. I think they are really pleased I’m here, but I’m not sure why yet.

Today, Jaymes and I are going to go and take all your school supplies to the children. I am really nervous about speaking to them, but Ruth said that I just need to be myself and that she would translate everything for me. When we got into the class all the children stared at me (I think it’s because I am a different color than all of them) and when I started speaking they looked even more confused. Everything got better when Ruth started changing my words into Portuguese words and then we had a good time. The children talked with me and I asked them to draw some pictures for you.

Oh, yeah, the other thing we did today, apart from working in the gym (which by the way is a lot of sweaty work!), was have a special time meeting all the teachers at CBC. They are all Christians from the local area and they come here everyday on the bus to help Marc and Ruth. They are very friendly and they like to try speaking some words of English with us. We prayed for them and they were very thankful. I was very happy because I am good at praying.

Oh, by the way, here is another photo of me with some of the children here. I noticed that some of them look a little bit sad. Now that I know Ruth can help me with the language blockade (it’s called something like that when you need a translator), I think that tomorrow I will ask them why.

Moose’s Diary: Day 2 (Monday)

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Hey kids, it’s Moose here again.

Today I’m going to show you around the CBC project. Here’s a picture of me in bed this morning. Can you see my mosquito net?



Today is a school day and at 8.00am the children come into the program. This is the front gate, and as soon as you go from the street through the gate you can feel a big difference. On the street outside, everything is brown and dirty but inside CBC everything is green and colorful. The children really love coming here.


Inside CBC there is a windmill that pumps water from a well and a bridge which goes over a little pond with lots of fish in it. There are lots of big trees too. When the children arrive, the first thing they do is run to their classroom and mark their place in line with their backpacks or flip flops. Everyone has flip flops here but they don’t wear them when they go and play. They love to run really fast and play tag and soccer.

When the siren goes, the children run to their classrooms.

There are six classrooms in this building which has green, yellow, red, and blue columns.

This morning I went to computer class with some students in 5th grade. They were playing “Worm” and learning to use the arrow control on the keyboard. It was quite hard for them and it didn’t look like they were very used to using computers. Ruth told me that they don’t have computers or video games at home like we do.

At break time, the children go to the refectory for some hot food.

Silvia is the cook and she has lots of really big pots and pans. I helped her to prepare some food and then we served it up through the hatch for the children to eat.

Everyone is very friendly but they don’t speak in English. They speak Portuguese which sounds really funny. I know that they like me though because everyone in Brazil wants to give me a hug or take my hoof so that I get up to play with them. The boys like to play soccer on the field with James and Jaymes, and the girls like to play chase (They like chasing Mr. Williams!).

The children go back to class after break. They go home at lunchtime because in the afternoon they have to go to their regular school. All the children who went to regular school in the morning come here in the afternoon instead.

Today Cali gave me a Bible verse and I learned that a missionary like me needs to be faithful every day. Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2. That means that we need to be thoughtful, not just in the words that we say but in all the things that we are asked to do, even if we don’t feel like doing them. While I am here, I need to show God’s love to the children by helping wherever I can, even if it means giving something up. There are lots of children here who are really special. It feels good to know that we can help take care of them.

I think I will make some friends here, if only I could speak their language!


Moose’s Diary: Day 1 (Sunday)

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I woke up to a very unusual sound this morning: it was a rooster crowing loudly just over the other side of the wall! The sunshine was streaming in the windows, and I could hear that people were already up and about. I got a bit confused when I saw I was trapped in a big cocoon, but then I remembered I was inside my green mosquito net which I had tucked in last night to keep from getting bitten by Brazilian bugs!

After I got up and took a COLD shower which really helped me to feel awake, I was all ready for my breakfast cereal but when I got to the kitchen there was no cereal anywhere and no toast either. In front of me I saw some small bananas and another fruit that I didn’t recognize. It was green on the outside but when you open it up it is orange. Ruth told me it’s called papaya. With the papaya I also had bread and cake and coffee and eggs. At first I was a bit worried I wasn’t going to like it, but everyone else had the courage to try it and I learned that to be a missionary I would have to have courage to try new food. When I tasted the papaya it was juicy and very yummy.

After breakfast we had a time of devotion and we learned all about Denzel’s testimony and how he came to know Jesus. He is a very brave man and God has called him to help other men at Heartland to use their skills but most importantly to serve God with all their hearts.

After our devotion we went to work. We started to organize all the projects we will be doing this week to help CBC be a nice place for the children to play and learn. We are going to build a new gate, paint the big columns in the gymnasium, and lay some tiles. If we were in Heartland we would be able to use big machines and lots of equipment but this morning I learned that here in Brazil we don’t have the same tools to use. We had to think of different ways to help get things done. Sometimes it’s hard and it takes a bit longer, but we all helped each other to think up solutions to the problems we faced and in the end it all worked out. I know that it is important that we do our best while we are here with the things that we have.

Oh, did I tell you about my first Brazilian lunch? We had rice and beans and spaghetti and chicken. This is what the people in Brazil eat everyday. They really like beans and rice. (I’m learning to like it, too!)

Later in the day we went to the beach. The waves were big and strong and the water was warm. Then we went back to CBC and visited a church in the evening. Mr. Williams preached the sermon and we prayed for all the people in the church. There were about 300 people there and lots of children too. We had a good time.

Goodbye USA, Hello Brazil!

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Hey, Heartland Kids!

I arrived safe and sound in Brazil with the mission team. It was a very long trip! Everyone else looked a bit squeezed up, but I had lots of space on my seat. I slept all night long while the airplane was flying to Brazil.

When we arrived, everything was different from Heartland. We are in a big city and there are lots of people and cars and houses. The houses are different looking: they are small and made with orange bricks. The roads are bumpy and there are lots of buses, motorbikes and small cars.

When we got to CBC (that’s the name of the ministry we are visiting), we met Marc and Ruth and they were very excited that we had come all the way to visit. (By the way, they asked me to send you all a big hug). It’s so pretty here at CBC. The sky is blue. There are palm trees and different kinds of birds and animals. I have already seen a lizard and a green frog. It’s hot here even at night time. Marc and Ruth showed us around and we had some food. We were all tired so we had an early night.

I remembered this verse: “The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). God really did make a big world. Brazil is almost the same size as America, and I am very excited about learning all about it in this trip.

Moose Goes to Brazil

Oct 7, 2011   //   by hlandmissions   //   Blog, Brazil  //  No Comments

This is Moose the Cow.

Recently Moose wrote a letter:

Dear Pastor,
I want to be a missionary when I grow up. Will you teach me how?
P.S. I can sing and I am good at Bible verses, but I am very shy.

Pastor Charlie told Moose to take his letter to the students at Heartland Christian Academy and see if they had any suggestions for him. After the students thought about it, they came up with a great plan.

The students told Moose that they were sending school supplies to their friends in Brazil. They thought Moose might be able to ride along with the school supplies and visit our missionary friends in Brazil: Marc and Ruth Marques.

What a great idea! Moose found a suitcase and was on his way!

Follow Moose the Missionary Cow on his first missionary adventure by checking this blog for updates. You’ll learn about Brazil, missions work, and lots more.

And don’t forget to leave a comment. Moose needs lots of encouragement from his friends!

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