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We will offer several seminar sessions on Monday and Tuesday at this year’s conference. Please read the class descriptions below and choose 2 classes for each day from the dropdown menu.


Rest in God. Tom Dombrowski

Have you ever been at a place in life, where you know that you are walking in the will of God and serving Him where He wants you to be, but understand that there is a deeper place of renewed strength and energy that God has for you? In this session, we will discuss the tools that God has given us to operate according to His plan with a renewed passion and strength that is rooted in Rest that God made for us.

Team Leadership. Jared Nickerson

The Bible contains so many illustrations and principles of team leadership. God Himself works this way, and created relationships as a central aspect of the Kingdom of God. Let’s examine the Scriptures and the example of relationship perfected to find out the why and how to function as leaders within a team dynamic.

Raising Up Sons & Daughters in the Faith. Shabaka Williams

This session is an encouraging and introspective review of the biblical mandate for leaders to reveal and impart the Father-heart of God into the next generation, intentionally raising up sons and daughters in the faith. As it is with raising children in the natural, challenges and conflicts exist, but such relationships are worth it and each of His Beloved are called for a revealed purpose. Whether it is pastoring a church, doing the work of an evangelist, sacrificing as a missionary, or serving as an under-shepherd, we are all called to reproduce in the Kingdom and must attend to God’s principles for producing spiritual life and the identity of Christ in others.


God of All Comfort. Mauricio Toro

The question is not whether we will experience suffering, but whether our suffering will be with purpose. The Bible tells us we will suffer, but what does it say about how to suffer? GOD is the Father of all mercies who comforts us. We can find joy in our perfect Comforter.

The Making of a Disciple. Nathan Mayes

“Salvation is free, but discipleship will cost you your life,” Dietrich Bonhoeffer. What does the word “discipleship” mean to you? To your church or ministry? This word has lost much significance in the course of history. However, discipleship is foundational to a healthy and vibrant Church! This class will look back at the original foundation of the word and what it means to us, as Christians today. We will look at why discipleship is not so much a program, but a way of life for a Christian. Lastly, from this foundation, we will learn the process of how we, as disciples, are called to help and lead other disciples.

The Marks of Kingdom Culture. Darin Rihanek

The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy which come by the powerful working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Are we living in such a way that God is glorified and His Kingdom advances in the earth? Or do we make decisions based on our earthly culture or the latest trends? In this session, we’ll examine our lives and leadership in the light of this passage from Romans 14.

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