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Goodbye USA, Hello Brazil!

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Hey, Heartland Kids!

I arrived safe and sound in Brazil with the mission team. It was a very long trip! Everyone else looked a bit squeezed up, but I had lots of space on my seat. I slept all night long while the airplane was flying to Brazil.

When we arrived, everything was different from Heartland. We are in a big city and there are lots of people and cars and houses. The houses are different looking: they are small and made with orange bricks. The roads are bumpy and there are lots of buses, motorbikes and small cars.

When we got to CBC (that’s the name of the ministry we are visiting), we met Marc and Ruth and they were very excited that we had come all the way to visit. (By the way, they asked me to send you all a big hug). It’s so pretty here at CBC. The sky is blue. There are palm trees and different kinds of birds and animals. I have already seen a lizard and a green frog. It’s hot here even at night time. Marc and Ruth showed us around and we had some food. We were all tired so we had an early night.

I remembered this verse: “The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). God really did make a big world. Brazil is almost the same size as America, and I am very excited about learning all about it in this trip.

Moose Goes to Brazil

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This is Moose the Cow.

Recently Moose wrote a letter:

Dear Pastor,
I want to be a missionary when I grow up. Will you teach me how?
P.S. I can sing and I am good at Bible verses, but I am very shy.

Pastor Charlie told Moose to take his letter to the students at Heartland Christian Academy and see if they had any suggestions for him. After the students thought about it, they came up with a great plan.

The students told Moose that they were sending school supplies to their friends in Brazil. They thought Moose might be able to ride along with the school supplies and visit our missionary friends in Brazil: Marc and Ruth Marques.

What a great idea! Moose found a suitcase and was on his way!

Follow Moose the Missionary Cow on his first missionary adventure by checking this blog for updates. You’ll learn about Brazil, missions work, and lots more.

And don’t forget to leave a comment. Moose needs lots of encouragement from his friends!

Philippines June 2011

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Mission Conference 2011 Report

Mar 21, 2011   //   by hlandmissions   //   Blog  //  No Comments

The theme for this year’s conference was “Proclaiming His Excellencies” based on the passage found in 1 Peter 2:9. This theme was very fitting and appropriate as we basked in the goodness and greatness of God as displayed in the lives of our friends and guests from the four corners of the world. Men and women of God, true giants in the faith, gathered in Heartland for four days and shared stories, reports, challenges, and dreams of what God will do in their land in the future. Countries represented were the United States, India, Haiti, Moldova, Romania, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, Brazil, Thailand, Sweden, the Philippines, and the West Bank. Read more >>

Missions Conference – March 2011

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Please join us for our annual Missions Conference to be held March 6-9, 2011.

Oaxaca Trip Report

Feb 6, 2011   //   by hlandmissions   //   Blog, Mexico  //  No Comments

We departed from Heartland with fresh snow on the ground, encountered more snow in Kansas City and landed in Oaxaca to be greeted by 70 degree temperatures.

Friday morning we toured the Erich Pollins Academy Preschool and Primary School that are operated by Fraternidad Christiana, better known as Frater. Frater is the church where our friends Lictor and Rosita Cruz are pastors. Frater has the only Protestant Christian school in the city (Oaxaca has a population of over one million). It has been a struggle for them to jump through the bureaucratic hoops in order to establish and then continue to operate the school. They currently have eighty students in preschool, one-hundred fifty students in primary and close to one hundred in secondary. It was great to see the advances that had been made in the classrooms and teaching areas. Academy Erich Pollins is making a great impact in the city.

Friday evening Pastor Charlie spoke to a group of about one hundred men from the Frater Church. The men in attendance covered all the age groups and were both married and single. Pastor encouraged them to seek God to be able to live pure lives and in order to be men of God in all the different facets of their lives.

Saturday morning we had two sessions with church leadership, teachers and cell group leaders. Pastor Charlie and Dave Barton both shared. The theme was being united behind your leaders.

Saturday evening, Pastor Charlie shared with the youth group. There were eighty plus kids attending. Pastor Charlie shared with them about being open in all the facets of their lives; to leave nothing hidden from the light of God in their lives. The Holy Spirit moved and kids responded in a truly supernatural way. Their lives were touched and kids were weeping with repentance. One of the main points Pastor Charlie made was honesty with their parents.

Sunday morning and evening Pastor Charlie shared in both services. The morning service saw about five to six hundred in attendance, being the main service of the week. Since there are people who may not be able to attend midweek or evening services, they come to the Sunday morning service. Arriving by various means of private and public transportation, people gather for a fellowship time before service. The evening service saw two hundred plus gather.

It was great to see the move of God in Oaxaca. The Church is growing and moving forward; Frater is an integral part of this Church and what God is doing in Oaxaca. They continue to thrive and grow in the midst of opposition and even persecution. Pray for Oaxaca, for Lictor, Rosita and the entire Frater congregation!

Mark Shiveley

India Trip Report

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A Heartland Mission Team traveled to India in early December 2010 to support and serve Pastor Paul Varghese and his church. Pastor Paul has been a friend of Heartland for twelve years and faithfully travels to attend our mission conference on an annual basis. The team from Heartland consisted of Pastor Charlie, Mark Shiveley, Edmond Soo, Dan White, James Powell, Jaymes Schrock, and Dave Barton.

The goal of the trip was to be a strength to the work Pastor Paul is doing in the city of Aurangabad which is located in the state of Maharashtra. While in Aurangabad the team was able to minister and hold a pastor’s conference, a youth meeting, evening crusades, conduct a church service, and hold a chapel for a school. The altars were filled at every meeting with people desiring to either make a commitment to the Lord for the first time or renew their devotion to Him. The evangelistic crusades especially saw many respond. Pastor Charlie preached a very clear gospel that required a response of making Jesus the only God and Lord of one’s life. This is extremely important in India as they have many gods and are given to just add Jesus to their list.

Every member of the team was able to share their testimony or give a word of encouragement at some time on the trip. Dan White, the worship leader at HACC, ministered in song and joined the worship team from Pastor Paul’s church in leading worship for the different meetings. One of the highlights for the team and especially touched Pastor Charlie was our ability to share in the ministry of feeding some beggars and giving them gifts of clothing. Pastor Paul and his people do this every Sunday afternoon and it was a very humbling experience.

It was a tremendous privilege to be able to serve and encourage our dear friend Pastor Paul. While our respect and admiration was high for him and his work, this was only elevated by what we were able to see and experience while there. He and his people are wonderful men and women of God who sacrifice every day to be a light in a dark place. Paul’s wife, Lissy, is such a testimony of what a woman of God can do when you give everything you have and are to Jesus. She not only takes care of and nurtures and feeds her own family of five, but has extended her loving arms to embrace another thirty or so young men in their bible college and music team. She does so with a smile that reflects Jesus in spite of the sacrifice required. We have been able to help them by purchasing them a dining set, a refrigerator, and a washing machine. We are also in the process of helping them purchase a new mini-bus. These purchases, while they mean a lot to Paul and his family, seem but the least we can do to support these wonderfully awesome people of God. The Vargheses and their church family truly are the royalty spoken of in 1 Peter 2:9

Dave Barton

From “Team India”

Dec 11, 2010   //   by hlandmissions   //   Blog, India  //  No Comments

We all are very pleased and happy with the schedule so far being put together by our brother Paulose. He is indeed a great servant of the Lord and is making a great difference through his ministry impacting local communities and for His Kingdom. I have personally been well acquainted with him for many years, however had no idea what he is doing until I came and witness it myself. So far I have been enjoying my time here and been blessed by his good work that he is doing through his ministry.

I know that all of us here have the same experience and are so touched from what we have seen so far. All of us have been very well treated and we certainly want to tell our folks back home we wanted to thank everyone that took time of from their daily routine to commit time praying for us here. We certainly can feel all your prayers as we have had a long and tiring flight coming over; however after our first night’s rest the next morning all of us felt so energized and have been doing great so far. I know without asking you all, you all will continue to pray for us and we sincerely appreciate all the effort in praying for our trip.

The services and meetings with the local villagers at their church and the pastors conference today all went on very well. For the most part we thought we are here to be a blessing to the local folks here, but instead we are all being blessed by their tender response to the presence of the Holy spirit. This is just from my personal observation. We have had great worship together and with Brother Dan White’s help in leading the worship together with their worship team. We have been so blessed and tonight we were all invited to Pastor Paulose’s residence where he gathered all his bible college students and junior pastors to be with us and Pastor Charlie spent some time sharing from his heart with them. We all have a wonderful time visiting his entire family that were gathered there together to show their sincere welcome for us and were later treated by a sumptuous and delicious dinner cooked by the lovely ladies of the house.

We do missed you all back home and everyone in the ministry. Please continue the good work holding on to the fortress while Pastor Charlie and us that are on the team being gone. Indeed, we all know that it takes all of us to keep everything that Pastor have put together here at Heartland. I know soon you will be hearing better praise report from the rest of the team as we continue our journey here as God has installed for us for the remaining days left.

From all of us here in India,

Edmond and “Team India”

India: Video Update

Dec 10, 2010   //   by hlandmissions   //   Blog, India  //  No Comments

Safe Arrival!

Dec 8, 2010   //   by hlandmissions   //   Blog, India  //  No Comments

The team has arrived safely (Dan took this photo of their starting flights), and are doing well. They just finished with their first meeting. Pastor described the meeting as a “new experience”. They traveled on a road that was little more than fields path, to a new church planted by Paul. He said the space was small with nothing, “I mean nothing” in the room except chairs for the team to sit on; that is it, no one else had a chair. They were packed together, with no room to walk. Their worship of God was full of hunger and desire. There were Muslims, Hindus… Something over 200 people came to the service and they laid hands on most of them at the end of the service.


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