Hey, Heartland Kids!

I arrived safe and sound in Brazil with the mission team. It was a very long trip! Everyone else looked a bit squeezed up, but I had lots of space on my seat. I slept all night long while the airplane was flying to Brazil.

When we arrived, everything was different from Heartland. We are in a big city and there are lots of people and cars and houses. The houses are different looking: they are small and made with orange bricks. The roads are bumpy and there are lots of buses, motorbikes and small cars.

When we got to CBC (that’s the name of the ministry we are visiting), we met Marc and Ruth and they were very excited that we had come all the way to visit. (By the way, they asked me to send you all a big hug). It’s so pretty here at CBC. The sky is blue. There are palm trees and different kinds of birds and animals. I have already seen a lizard and a green frog. It’s hot here even at night time. Marc and Ruth showed us around and we had some food. We were all tired so we had an early night.

I remembered this verse: “The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). God really did make a big world. Brazil is almost the same size as America, and I am very excited about learning all about it in this trip.