We departed from Heartland with fresh snow on the ground, encountered more snow in Kansas City and landed in Oaxaca to be greeted by 70 degree temperatures.

Friday morning we toured the Erich Pollins Academy Preschool and Primary School that are operated by Fraternidad Christiana, better known as Frater. Frater is the church where our friends Lictor and Rosita Cruz are pastors. Frater has the only Protestant Christian school in the city (Oaxaca has a population of over one million). It has been a struggle for them to jump through the bureaucratic hoops in order to establish and then continue to operate the school. They currently have eighty students in preschool, one-hundred fifty students in primary and close to one hundred in secondary. It was great to see the advances that had been made in the classrooms and teaching areas. Academy Erich Pollins is making a great impact in the city.

Friday evening Pastor Charlie spoke to a group of about one hundred men from the Frater Church. The men in attendance covered all the age groups and were both married and single. Pastor encouraged them to seek God to be able to live pure lives and in order to be men of God in all the different facets of their lives.

Saturday morning we had two sessions with church leadership, teachers and cell group leaders. Pastor Charlie and Dave Barton both shared. The theme was being united behind your leaders.

Saturday evening, Pastor Charlie shared with the youth group. There were eighty plus kids attending. Pastor Charlie shared with them about being open in all the facets of their lives; to leave nothing hidden from the light of God in their lives. The Holy Spirit moved and kids responded in a truly supernatural way. Their lives were touched and kids were weeping with repentance. One of the main points Pastor Charlie made was honesty with their parents.

Sunday morning and evening Pastor Charlie shared in both services. The morning service saw about five to six hundred in attendance, being the main service of the week. Since there are people who may not be able to attend midweek or evening services, they come to the Sunday morning service. Arriving by various means of private and public transportation, people gather for a fellowship time before service. The evening service saw two hundred plus gather.

It was great to see the move of God in Oaxaca. The Church is growing and moving forward; Frater is an integral part of this Church and what God is doing in Oaxaca. They continue to thrive and grow in the midst of opposition and even persecution. Pray for Oaxaca, for Lictor, Rosita and the entire Frater congregation!

Mark Shiveley