We all are very pleased and happy with the schedule so far being put together by our brother Paulose. He is indeed a great servant of the Lord and is making a great difference through his ministry impacting local communities and for His Kingdom. I have personally been well acquainted with him for many years, however had no idea what he is doing until I came and witness it myself. So far I have been enjoying my time here and been blessed by his good work that he is doing through his ministry.

I know that all of us here have the same experience and are so touched from what we have seen so far. All of us have been very well treated and we certainly want to tell our folks back home we wanted to thank everyone that took time of from their daily routine to commit time praying for us here. We certainly can feel all your prayers as we have had a long and tiring flight coming over; however after our first night’s rest the next morning all of us felt so energized and have been doing great so far. I know without asking you all, you all will continue to pray for us and we sincerely appreciate all the effort in praying for our trip.

The services and meetings with the local villagers at their church and the pastors conference today all went on very well. For the most part we thought we are here to be a blessing to the local folks here, but instead we are all being blessed by their tender response to the presence of the Holy spirit. This is just from my personal observation. We have had great worship together and with Brother Dan White’s help in leading the worship together with their worship team. We have been so blessed and tonight we were all invited to Pastor Paulose’s residence where he gathered all his bible college students and junior pastors to be with us and Pastor Charlie spent some time sharing from his heart with them. We all have a wonderful time visiting his entire family that were gathered there together to show their sincere welcome for us and were later treated by a sumptuous and delicious dinner cooked by the lovely ladies of the house.

We do missed you all back home and everyone in the ministry. Please continue the good work holding on to the fortress while Pastor Charlie and us that are on the team being gone. Indeed, we all know that it takes all of us to keep everything that Pastor have put together here at Heartland. I know soon you will be hearing better praise report from the rest of the team as we continue our journey here as God has installed for us for the remaining days left.

From all of us here in India,

Edmond and “Team India”